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In november 2005, more than half a year before the soccer world championship should start in Germany, my friend Clara Bahlsen recognized a strong occurance of cheap everyday products designed in German national colours. This struck us, especially because it occured out of a business milieu anticipating a future customer need – a milieu from which shortly before campaigns had arisen such as "Deutschland, Land der Ideen" (Germany, Country of Ideas) and "Du bist Deutschland" (You are Germany) . We started to document the occurance of these products that accumulated to a true wave until the games started, interviewing the producers and orderers. We documented how people in the streets combined the national acessoires with their daily outfits. We wrote letters to big entreprises asking them why they used those colours and what they signify for them (receiving truly absurd answers) and we exhibited the products in the form of a tableau vivant in public space.











Ein Fest

Video-Essay, 5'44 Video, 5'15 Audio (Ton und Bild loopen getrennt)
Die Tonspur enthält Sprachaufnahmen der Passanten sowie die Verlesung des BILD-Artikels "Liebesbrief an Deutschland" aus dem Off.